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So, you think a normal mirror is enough for you? Think again. If you pride yourself on your immaculate attention to the details of your appearance, you should get rid of the boring old mirrors and get a vanity mirror with lights. These mirrors have a range of features that make it easier to apply makeup perfectly. In fact, you can even use them to groom properly to make the best impression whenever you step out.

There are several varieties of vanity mirrors available in the market. Since there will be a few specific situations in which you will be using them more often, your choice of the mirror should be based on those situations. This will ensure that your purchase does not go to waste.

If you are primarily going to be applying basic makeup, a vanity mirror will be more suitable for your needs. On the other hand, you will need a makeup mirror if you have to apply makeup more often and, that too, with a high degree of precision. There are three kinds of makeup mirrors that you should become familiar with.

Vanity Mirror with Lights


Lighted Vanity Mirror

As the name suggests, these vanity mirrors come with lights installed in them. The lights can brighten up your face. As such, all the sections of the face will be properly illuminated so that you do not miss out on any spot while applying makeup. You can ensure that the makeup and other cosmetic products are applied evenly and correctly.

These backlit mirrors typically have a rectangular shape. The lights are installed on the edges of the mirrors so as to ensure that the face is properly illuminated. The medium size of the mirrors allows you to get a proper view of your entire face so as to make grooming easier.Lighted Vanity Mirror Reviews

The LED lights present on the mirror are not too bright. Therefore, they will not be a great strain on your eyes. Some of these mirrors even come with a future that allows the LED lights to be brightened or dimmed as per your preferences.

Makeup Mirror with Lights



At first glance, these mirrors might look similar to the vanity mirrors above. However, there are actually quite a few major differences between the two. First of all, these mirrors are smaller. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about how you can apply makeup properly due to the size.

These mirrors feature a magnifying function. With it, it is possible to achieve a zoom of anything from 5 times to 10 times or even more. It by magnifying your face, it allows you to see the details with a lot more clarity. As such, you can apply the makeup and other cosmetics to the correct places for a more even application.

These mirrors also have LED lights installed in them. As a result, you can illuminate your face properly. These mirrors are adjustable as per your preferences. Additionally, their lightweight nature enables you to carry them around easily.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

As the name suggests, these mirrors are meant to be used in the bathrooms. Their large area makes it easier for you to properly groom yourself after taking a bath. Apart from their larger surface area, these bathroom mirrors with lights also feature a stylish border. Therefore, you can easily find one to suit the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Here, you are going to find a wide range of mirrors to choose from. We provide detailed tips and guides to choosing the right mirror to fulfill your specific needs. In other words, we have made it easier for you to buy the right one by undertaking all of the research and review ourselves.